Unreal Tournament 3: mouse, keyboard, SIXAXIS

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|03.11.07

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Unreal Tournament 3: mouse, keyboard, SIXAXIS
This is a great move by the Unreal Tournament 3 folks over at Epic Games -- the PS3 version of the game will support the SIXAXIS, sure, but it also gives you the option to plug in your (hopefully wireless) mouse and keyboard to give you that "PC Shooter" feeling consoles have always been criticized for lacking. What's the SIXAXIS gonna do? It controls where you're looking -- we're assuming it takes the place of the mouse.

How about the Unreal Engine 3? How's it holding up? Glad you asked, me. According to the fellow who got his greasy hands on the only booth set up for the title, the game is looking fantastic. "The game looks at least as good as Gears of War or Doom 3 with glitzy lighting galore...With strange glowing tubes and other bits of high-tech machinery coating nearly every surface, the whole package was really incredibly striking. All this, the framerate was still sky-high." We're looking forward to hearing more about this. If you want to learn more about the hands-on impression, feel free. We'd love to hear from Epic, Midway, and Sony about a demo coming soon...
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