New Dark Sector screenshots to make your stomach squirm

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|03.12.07

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New Dark Sector screenshots to make your stomach squirm
We're still completely up in the air about the game Dark Sector. One minute we'll be looking forward to it, the next we're not so sure. Every next-gen game can't be great, y'know? So we're going to remain cautiously optimistic, but not expect to be blown away. With that out of the way, what say you to some new screenshots? We say you say you so ready! Should've been a troubadour... got a rhythm in my head. Spoony bards.

Some of the screenshots show the throwing blade in action, but most don't. Apparently, you can use the environment to "charge" your boomerang thing -- throw it through fire and it'll burn up enemies, through an electric fence and... well, you can probably fill in the gaps. You will, of course, be using this to solve puzzles in the game as well as to defeat your enemies in whatever manner you see fit. Oh, one last interesting thing before you're free to scope out the screenshots: this game was inspired by Resident Evil 4 and Zelda. If it holds true to those sources, it should be a great game, right? Either way, we'll find out this fall.
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