Google Hosted Mail Notifier

David Chartier
D. Chartier|03.14.07

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Google Hosted Mail Notifier
I found a widget back in January that did a ho-hum job of checking your Google hosted email (via Google's Apps for Your Domain service), but it doesn't always behave, and for RAM-conscious users a widget simply isn't the way to go. Fortunately, the Google Hosted Mail Notifier has risen to the challenge of providing a simple menubar item for checking your Google Hosted email, complete with customizable Growl alerts, choices in time intervals for checking mail, sounds, HTTPS connections and more.

It works really well, though I wish it used a different icon than the official Google Notifier to help differentiate it from the pack. Still, for a donationware app from Troels Bay, the same crew who brought us the Google Reader Notifier (and please, show the dev some donation love), this is a great piece of work.
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