Rockstar taps Timbaland for Beaterator PSP

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Rockstar taps Timbaland for Beaterator PSP
beateratorTake a two-year-old web app, sprinkle a lil' Timbaland on top, and Rockstar just baked us a Beaterator. But will it bring sexy back to PSP?

Excuse us for being wary of Rockstar's continued re-usage of old content for its PSP titles. Recycling is generally a valuable effort, but "Beaterator: Timba-Land Stories" isn't exactly the megaton announcement PSP owners seem to be waiting for. What Beaterator will bring to Sony's handheld this summer is a distinctly un-Rockstar (at least, the game company) like offering; and perhaps, with the addition of minigames and challenge modes backed by the proven excellence of Timbaland production, Beaterator can help PSP finally adopt the 'non-gaming gaming' reputation that DS has sold so well. But the seemingly-hip(-hop) factor could also backfire.

Battle of the bands: Beaterator or Jam Sessions?
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