LG Kompressor compresses dust, improves sucking action

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.19.07

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LG Kompressor compresses dust, improves sucking action
Nah, LG's latest household gizmo won't run laps around Fido, order its own replacement parts, or replace hordes of human janitors, but the aptly-named Kompressor will do a number to those nasty dust particles that get all stirred up when facing a vacuum. Essentially, the cleaner sucks up dirt and debris as any normal vacuum would, but rather than emitting dusty byproducts whilst handling its duties, this rendition actually compresses the dirt into blocks, which not only decreases the frequency in which you'll be unloading it, but also helps to cut down on those allergic reactions. Furthermore, you'll find a washable HEPA filter and an "electronic controller of power" right on the handle, which will hopefully prevent those awkward moments when trying to find the "off" switch with your foot. Potentially most encouraging, however, is the fairly reasonable pricetag, as you'll end up paying quite a bit less (€299; $398) than a souped-up Dyson when this lands next month.

[Via Coolest-Gadgets]
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