Brand new NiGHTS "confirmed" by SPOnG

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Andrew Yoon
March 21st, 2007
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Brand new NiGHTS "confirmed" by SPOnG
Brand new NiGHTS "confirmed" by SPOnG
We were a little doubtful that NiGHTS would actually come to Wii. Sure, the latest rumor shows some compelling evidence, but too often have Nintendo fans been burned by dubious anticipation. SPOnG, the gaming equivalent of the National Enquirer tabloid, has boldly "confirmed" that NiGHTS is, indeed, heading to Wii. If that didn't raise a red flag, their "anonymous insider" quote certainly did: "Yes, there is a new NiGHTS coming, and coming quite soon actually. It's a full game too, not a rehash of old NiGHTS for Virtual Console as some have said it might be lately. It's a whole new game."

SPOnG notes that former Sega mastermind Yuji Naka is supposedly helming the project with his new company Prope. While the wise will cast a great shadow of doubt on anything SPOnG has to say, a glimmer of hope remains that the April exclusive reveal in Official Nintendo Magazine will be everything we've hoped for.
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