Red Kawa updates the PS3 Video 9

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|03.22.07

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Red Kawa updates the PS3 Video 9
If you're like me and can't always rearrange your life schedule around watching the newest episode of Heroes, Lost, or Scrubs (practically the only shows I "watch" semi-religiously), you've probably done a little bit of torrent downloading. Not familiar with it? No worries. Just know what when you download your little movie files, they're generally in that pesky .avi format -- Windows! The PS3 hates .avi, so it won't play those. Enter Red Kawa's Video 9 for the PS3 -- a software tool that converts your files to whatever the PS3 will play (a few options for MPEG-4 and MPEG-2). It was decent, used it a few times... well, Red Kawa has unleashed upon us a patch to the software. Here's the detailed list.

  • Fixed: Short Duration Times in PS3 Profiles
  • Added: QuickTime HD Input Profile
  • Added: Sort profile names in combo boxes
  • Fixed: Creating PS3 Video Ouput Directories

Word up. Apparently, these fixes and additions will produce a lossless transfer that can convert the file 100 times faster than normal conversion methods. If you want to learn more about Video 9 and the update, check out the Red Kawa site. I've got to go now... I'm installing the patch.
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