Qualcomm unveils EV-DO Rev B roadmap

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.27.07

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Qualcomm unveils EV-DO Rev B roadmap
While most folks are just getting over the Rev A novelty, it looks like Qualcomm is already prepared to take things to the next level, as it has developed a new chipset that reportedly delivers "9.3Mbps data transfers in field testing." The MSM7850 is being touted as the "industry's first device solution for EV-DO Rev B," hopefully enabling more of those mobile streaming niceties that we all adore. Additionally, Qualcomm stated that there wouldn't be a need for "infrastructure hardware changes" in order to take advantage of the Rev B sweetness, and the chipset itself would be "fully backwards compatible." As for the firm's CSM6800, a "software solution" will purportedly be available by the month's end which will enable "multi-carrier EV-DO Rev B support." Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of detail surrounding hard dates beyond that, but we can expect the outfit's Rev B-capable MSM7850 to hit testing / sampling later this year, after which the countdown to EV-DO Rev C can officially begin.
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