Panasonic's two 3CCD HD camcoders announced for US

Finally joining a party already attended by big names such as Sony, Canon, and Sanyo, Panasonic has announced that its first two consumer HD camcorders -- which we initially spotted back in November -- are set for an impending US release. Since you all have memories like a steel trap, we're sure you'll recall that both the HDC-SD1 (pictured) and HDC-DX1 share almost exactly the same feature set -- 1080i video capture, 2.1 megapixel stills, 12x optical zoom with optical image stabilization, five built-in mics, and those three image sensors -- with the only difference being that the former records to SDHC cards while the latter writes to dual-layer DVDs. Best of all -- and unlike their Japanese counterparts -- both the SD1 and DX1 will be priced exactly the same: $1,300 when they hit shelves in the next few days.