Apple's Leopard set for June launch -- WWDC?

While we're all waiting to see what Apple and EMI have in store for us later today, feast on this: the latest Leopard rumor. Dubbed an "exclusive" by Think Secret, they cite the usual "reliable sources" calling for a Leopard release in June, "most likely at or around its Worldwide Developers Conference" scheduled for 11 June -- the purported iPhone launch date. Recall that during WWDC 2006, Jobs' called for a spring release and technically, Apple has until June 21st before spring has sprung. TS's proclamation also aligns with Gartenberg's own confirmation of a spring release as noted last week. TS is also reinforcing the commonly held notion that Leopard will be a "more significant release than anyone expected" as there is "much more to come" in the final release than Apple has been willing to share in the developer builds. They also claim that Apple will be launching their long overdue iLife and iWork updates with "extensive Leopard-dependent features" at the same time. So does this all point to Multitouch support or a Beryl-like 3D interface? Who knows. One thing is clear, June is shaping up to be a pinnacle month for Apple and the faithful.