Blast from the Past: 1986 Apple Ad

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If your business is out of control, suggests this ad, perhaps a Macintosh could solve all your problems, with its shiny, shiny spreadsheets, word processing, and other business features that allow you to concentrate on your business rather than learning how to become a computer expert. More to the point, the Macintosh proves it can defeat alligators and lower the incidence of in-office sewage... or something like that. You do have to give the ad-makers credit for their clever twist on the standard lemonade-from-lemons solution.

I am assured by those having worked with the Macs of that time, and with managers of that vintage, that many of those early, expensive macs ended up rarely used on managers' desks as a kind of status symbol rather than as an actual productivity tool. And that those alligators might have been cheered on just a bit by the employees.

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