Dash Express connected GPS public beta test at the starting line

Ryan Block
R. Block|04.09.07

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So Dash Navigation is officially announcing its public beta program (aka Dash National Road Test) of the Dash Express connected GPS nav unit. Having cruised around the SF bay area for the last six months, Dash apparently decided it was time to open the doors to 2000 early adopters who want to get their hands dirty with pre-release hardware that doesn't just do GPS, but also gets real time traffic updates and attempts accurate transit time predictions. Dash estimates any major metropolitan area needs between one and two thousand connected cars to produce enough traffic data to accurately predict congestion, but until the launch goes big early users will just have to settle with the other niceties like Yahoo Local search and the ability to easily load up the unit with destinations and the like via its data connection. Good luck getting your unit, and be sure to report back to us here on whether you think Dash is headed in the right direction, would you?
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