Capcom brings Super Street Fighter II and more to PSN

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At Capcom Gamer's Day, Capcom revealed three new downloadable titles for the PlayStation Network. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is a remake of a remake of a remake of a remake of the classic 16-bit fighting game. The entire game is being redrawn, from the character select, all the way through to backgrounds and endings, most likely to take advantage of your shiny HDTV.

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil is a intensely action-oriented approach on the constructible strategy game of the same name. Like Cash Guns Chaos, the game will have players blasting enemies in a colorful, cel-shaded world. For images of the game, check out the gallery at Joystiq.

Talisman is based off yet another strategy game, but unlike Rocketmen, it'll stay true to its original gameplay. This downloadable title will be a digital recreation of the game, and will be playable offline and on.

Finally, Puzzle Fighter II HD will also be making an appearance on the Network. This lovable puzzle game will also get a glorious high-definition makeover. See a video of the game, after the cut.

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