Indie fighter Chosun Musa may come to PSP

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|04.18.07

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Indie fighter Chosun Musa may come to PSP
Wildcat, creators of Mortal Kombat Zero, sat down to talk with a GP32 fansite about their upcoming 2D fighter Chosun Musa. While we don't usually report on games that are coming to PC (it was canned for GP32), the interview did mention PSP, and thus piqued my interest. When asked if there was a possibility of Chosun Musa coming to PSP, the creators answered: "If we have money and enough free hands, I may be able to convert something. If I still like the PSP when I publish this game ..."

Let's hope Wildcat continues to like the PSP then. There aren't many competent 2D fighters on our portable.

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