Clearview XL43 UMPC beckons a name change

We've seen plenty of instances where companies ask their loyal customers to handle some of the dirty work, but Clearview Technology is only requesting your input on something as simple as a name change. Not satisfied with the current XL43 badge, the company has cranked up a submission venue to get ideas for its official name, but aside from the semantics, how about the hardware? The Windows CE-powered UMPC will reportedly feature a 620MHz AMD AU1250 processor, 128MB of DDR2 RAM, Bluetooth, WiFi, an SD / MMC flash card slot, FM radio, 1.3-megapixel camera, integrated DVB-T TV tuner, and GPS to boot. Unfortunately, there's no timeline as to when we can expect this handtop to hit the market, but we've got all ideas that you can hasten the process if you toss your two pennies in the naming collection.

[Via Pocketables]