Tomb Raider: Anniversary set for June 5th (don't forget!)

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|04.25.07

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Tomb Raider: Anniversary set for June 5th (don't forget!)
Those longing to don a pair of unreasonably tight pants, shoot up ancestral tombs and mow down innocent bears (without getting arrested) would be wise to circle the date of June 5th, 2007 on their official Rhona Mitra calendars. This day marks the release of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary, a Crystal Dynamics remake of the adventure that put the grave-robbing heroine on the map, the coffee mug, the magazine cover and the unfortunate t-shirt which proclaimed, "I raided Lara's tomb."

Hearkening to a time (1996!) when Tomb Raider regularly induced drool as opposed to debilitating nausea, Anniversary sees reworked puzzles, improved controls and enhanced graphics injected into one of the greatest games of all time. Play it on your PS2, PC or PSP while you wait for a sequel to last year's surprisingly superb Tomb Raider: Legend to arrive -- and don't forget to do a graceful swan dive straight into a boulder. That's always good for a laugh.
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