RIM's BlackBerry Desktop Media Manager released

Brian White
B. White|05.07.07

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RIM's BlackBerry Desktop Media Manager released
As RIM moves ever more into the consumer spectrum of wireless handsets, it's gotta have media software for the desktop to help manage all that content. BlackBerry Desktop Media Manager (BBDMM) is supposed to solve that problem, seeing as songs, videos and pictures can be managed in a single place. So, if you're not happy with all the other media management software packages out there, RIM may have your ticket. Well, at least the ticket that allows content drag-and-drop to your BlackBerry, that is. The newest version of BlackBerry Desktop Media Manager requires BlackBerry Desktop software v4.2, Service Pack 2. In short, better get that desktop in order (version-wise) before you start managing all that content destined to make its way to your BlackBerry soon. Since the new BBDMM is based on Roxio Easy Media Creator, it should feel like home to prior or existing Roxio customers.

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