HP crushes dreams, offers no WM6 upgrades

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|05.10.07

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HP crushes dreams, offers no WM6 upgrades
The former Windows Mobile heavyweight champ (sorry, HP, but we're pretty sure that title belongs to some friends of yours now) has made the unfortunate -- though not altogether unexpected -- announcement this week that it will not be providing Windows Mobile 6 upgrades to its existing line of Windows Mobile 5-based devices. That list includes the rx4000, rx5000, rw6800, and hw6900 series -- among others -- leaving even buyers of the company's more recent models in the lurch. If it's any consolation, the models won't be offered with Windows Mobile 6 preinstalled either (because let's face it, it'd just be downright insulting to be teased with an upgrade you can't have) though all future models out of the company will mercifully be rocking Redmond's latest and greatest.

[Via the::unwired]
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