Lost Planet PC demo available on 15 May

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|05.11.07

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Lost Planet PC demo available on 15 May
Those eager to traipse through an unforgiving climate and annihilate despicable alien creatures without the aid of an Xbox 360 won't have to wait much longer. A PC demo of Capcom's Lost Planet is set to materialize online next week, May 15th, and finally give those DirectX 10 cards something to do. Indeed, they'll be expected to utilize "the advanced features of Shader model 4.0" in order to render those frigid landscapes and enormous plot holes.

Older hardware isn't quite given the cold shoulder, however, as Lost Planet also supports Windows XP and DirectX 9. If monsters and mechs do it for you, find it on store shelves this June, priced at a totally last-gen $39.95.

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