Japanese hardware sales, Apr. 30 - May 6: Deja vu edition

Jason Wishnov
J. Wishnov|05.12.07

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Jason Wishnov
May 12, 2007 12:01 AM
Japanese hardware sales, Apr. 30 - May 6: Deja vu edition
I see you're back, kid. No surprise there. You've hit the rarest of the rare candies, and Level 100 wasn't enough for you? You're flying high for awhile, but then even that's not enough. Believe me, I know.

So let me tell you what's I've got here, kid. I call it shine. I have to grow 8,192 plants just to make one of these little pills, but kid, you've never seen a Psywave like this. It makes you stronger, faster, hell, even your skin changes color. It's luxury, it's lightning ....

So, you wanna score some--whoa, whoa, not so fast, kid! Last time was a freebie, a little icing before the cake. I'm gonna need something more than just sales charts. I'm gonna need some sort of tripped-up magical cartoon dream sequence ... no, make that two tripped up cartoon dream sequences. Oh, baby, yes. I am rollin'.

Don't forget those charts, too, kid, and remember ... you'll be back ...

- DS Lite: 285,123 29,152 (11.39%)
- Wii: 101,320 1,202 (1.17%)
- PSP: 35,172 1,312 (3.87%)
- PS2: 14,815 2,231 (17.73%)
- PS3: 12,974 183 (1.43%)
- Xbox 360: 3,205 43 (1.36%)
- Gamecube: 394 227 (135.93%)
- Game Boy Micro: 340 290 (46.03%)
- GBA SP: 302 193 (38.99%)
- DS Phat: 69 23 (25.00%)
- GBA: 11 11 (Trippin%)

[Source: Media Create]

(... it's signed by Fatal1ty ...)
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