SGD '07: Heavenly Sword gallery shows in-game footage

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|05.17.07

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SGD '07: Heavenly Sword gallery shows in-game footage
For a long while, any sort of Heavenly Sword screenshot has had that "is it pre-rendered or CG or in-game?" skepticism, but today we've got a gallery to offer that shows the game in action. This is in-game, I'd bet my life on it. It looks fantastic, so there's no complaints here! Be sure to follow Nariko and her adventures with the sword slowly sucking her life away this August. Does anyone think these aren't in-game shots? If so, why not? We'd like to get a discussion going on these. Check out the video, after the cut, to get a better assessment of the visuals.

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