Sierra Wireless AirCard 597E ExpressCard to hit Sprint

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.23.07

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Sierra Wireless AirCard 597E ExpressCard to hit Sprint
Although Sierra Wireless launched its AirCard 597E EV-DO Rev. A ExpressCard last summer, the device is finally making the leap to Sprint-Nextel's Mobile Broadband Network. Aside from the aesthetics, just a few alterations have been made under the hood, but we know you're most interested in how it allows Sprint customers to hop on the 3G highway with their ExpressCard-equipped lappie (or desktop). Of note, this rendition does manage to add assisted GPS (A-GPS) capabilities which "plots your current location on a map and then searches for nearby points of interest," a "high-performance (albeit beefy) integrated antenna to improve signal capture and data speed," and the new 65-nanometer MSM6800A chipset from QUALCOMM. Reportedly, Sprint will be demonstrating the card at this week's Interop expo in Las Vegas, and while pricing details were left out for the moment, the card should slip into retail channels next month.
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