Wall mountable wireless printer concept is attractive and impractical

A concept printer shown at the Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial, and designed by Ransmeier & Floyd takes a rather different approach to the concept of a printer. Rather than the usual practice of placing your printer as far out of sight as possible, you'd probably want to place this concept model in clear sight. Presumably battery powered (who would want a cable hanging off the wall?) the printer would communicate wirelessly with the printing device, and then feed the printout into a clear region at the bottom -- perfect if you print out attractive A4 landscapes all day long, not so if the last time you used a printer was for your tax return. As this is just a design concept, we don't have to tell you when this is going to be released (i.e. it won't), other than to say that it's a great idea that will hopefully influence the design of the industry's ugliest peripheral. We'd much prefer if they'd sort out those ridiculous ink prices first, though.