BulletGBA shoots us in the face

Eric Caoili
E. Caoili|05.28.07

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BulletGBA shoots us in the face

With the World's Greatest Shmup Player Tournament coming up, now is the perfect time to try out Takayama Fumihiko's recently updated BulletGBA. The homebrew shoot 'em up simulator has over 300 bullet patterns picked out from genre favorites that you can test your dodging skills against. BulletGBA's 5.0 release adds some new "stages," a remodeled shooting mode, and music tracks from the chiptune champions, Nullsleep.

We've got a video of us attempting to last longer than a few seconds with one of the bullet hell patterns, so jump past the post break for a good laugh.

It's hard for us to keep a clean mouth when under this sort of pressure. Please keep in mind that the language in this clip is NSFW.

[Via DCEmu]
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