Need For Speed: Extreme Street Talking Interview edition

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|06.05.07

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Need For Speed: Extreme Street Talking Interview edition
While the whole street racing genre has gotten as dry as that meatloaf we tried to call supper (the oven simply refused to let it come out until the timer went off -- the timer happened to be the smoke alarm), EA is attempting to jump start the genre with their latest Need For Speed title: ProStreet. Game Informer has the details -- we'll make it much quicker to read.

  • More emphasis on car performance and your skill at driving the cars than crazy crashes and cheesy live-action sequences (which will still exist, of course).
  • The game has been in development for 16 months! That means they've probably already started on another NFS title due out in 2008. Just speculation.
  • All races thus far are scheduled to take place in broad daylight.
  • No police, either. The emphasis isn't on getting "caught" but on keeping your car clean of damage. Which there will be a lot of.
  • About damage ... it's not going to be a punishment. They want you to see it -- damage is "cool". Personally, that's lame. If we smash our hood, we should have a faulty horn to amuse ourselves with at least. Or a broken axle means ... well ... it means you've got to cough up a bit of scratch to keep that ride.
  • The customization system in the game will allow you to do "whatever you want" with the cars. Not to resell online or anything, but to make something you're genuinely proud to drive.
  • Sixaxis controls will be toyed with. Expect it to be an option you can turn off, though!

It honestly seems like they've got just as much going for them as the upcoming title skate does. Similar customization claims, departures from games with similar premises and Electronic Arts. We'll file this game in the "potential" cabinet. Where do you all stand?
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