Mii Spotlight: Take a look inside

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|06.09.07

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Alisha Karabinus
June 9th, 2007
Mii Spotlight: Take a look inside

It's Saturday, and obviously, that means another week in the Mii Spotlight! This week, however, we offer something a little different than our usual fare. Or, depending on how you look at things, it could be seen as exactly the same as our usual fare. Decide for yourself!

So what's the big deal? How is this week's Mii Spotlight both similar and yet different than everything else we do? It's simple, really -- it's different, because we're not presenting you with reader made Miis ... and yet, it's the same, because this week, we're showing you our Miis. We hoped to include reader Miis as well, but it looks like you guys are shy and are busy hiding under pillows.

First up, obviously, is your host in the Mii Spotlight, Mii! Er, me. Does anyone else find that they have to update their Miis pretty often? I rotate hairstyles every time I get my hair cut; there are three that I tend to use. But this one's probably my favorite. Is it wrong to cut your hair in such a way that you can retain a cute style on your Mii? Maybe I think about my Mii too much. Well, we all need something to obsess over.

The "Itsa Mii!" joke here is really difficult to resist. I just want you to know that. It's right there, lingering just below the surface, and it's begging to be released.

Next up is the man with the plan, who you hear every week during VC Monday Madness going on about the latest releases. It's Dave Hinkle! Man, that accent -- every time he opens his mouth, I picture cheesesteak and the Liberty Bell. He couldn't pretend to live anywhere but Pennsylvania with that accent. Not that I'm one to talk, with my mushmouthy Southern sound.

Dave also has a special announcement on Monday morning, so don't forget to check back. It may just be worth your while.

Do you ever find yourself wondering just how your favorite piece of hardware is selling in Japan? Then you should obviously be checking out the weekly Japanese Hardware Sales with Jason Wishnov, if only to witness his weird and wacky weekly antics. We keep waiting for Jason and Ludwig to fistfight over who has the better weekly sales posts, us or Joystiq. Of course, we prefer our own guy, but don't tell Ludwig. He's frightening. And he just might beat you up.

Next, we have one of our newer additions to the Wii Fanboy fold, Mr. Eric Caoili. That's Kayohlee, if you were curious, not cow-illy, like cows on lily pads (which would be a sight to see). Eric is responsible for most of our better graphical efforts, including the Mii Spotlight image we use each week for this very feature. His true love, however, is photoshopping cat heads onto things that aren't cats. Just don't tell his wife. She thinks it's her. And it may well be, but he sure does like those cats ....

Last here, but certainly not least, is our resident retro renegade, JC Fletcher! As you can see in this picture, he's pretty angry. Wii Sports isn't old enough for him yet; he won't be able to enjoy playing it for at least five years, which is why his Mii looks less than thrilled. It's either that, or he was just stung by a swarm of angry bees. It's okay to smile, JC. We won't tell anyone. Cross our hearts, pinky swear, etc.

JC, of course, is responsible for the very excellent Virtually Overlooked column each Thursday. If you love obscure old games as much as he does, then be sure to check it out.

So that's everybody, right? We've got the token chick, the guy with the PA accent, the funnyman, the graphics guru, and angry retro gamer. So why aren't we wrapping this up?

Because we have an announcement to make, that's why! Starting this Tuesday, Wii Fanboy readers are in for a weekly treat, courtesy of this man, Mike Sylvester. But who the heck is Mike Sylvester? Well, you may know him a little better as Tiger, our resident GlovePIE expert ... and now, he really is resident, thanks to his new weekly column, Revolutionary. Check back here Tuesday for the inaugural edition.

So there you have it -- the current Wii Fanboy staff in Mii form. Remember that we're always accepting any Miis you want to send us, and right now, we particularly want your ugliest possible Miis (just how big can that nose be?) and also, since someone actually did send us a Welcome Back, Kotter Mii, don't you want to see if you can one-up it? If not, send us Miis from your other favorite shows, both past and present, and they just may be featured here in the Mii Spotlight. Snap some photos and sent them to us at mii at nintendowiifanboy dot com.
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