Kohjinsha's K600 gets an Intel A100 and DMB TV

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Thomas Ricker
June 13th, 2007
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Kohjinsha's K600 gets an Intel A100 and DMB TV

There was a time (about 3 months) when these 7-inch ultraportables from Kohjinsha were all the rage in ultra-portable circles. Now however, we've got a $600 VIA NanoBook coming out in an endless stream of OEM offerings on top of that supposed $200 Eee PC from ASUS. Hell, even Samsung slapped a decent keyboard onto their Q1 Ultra UMPC for thumbing around. Still, Kohjinsha's back with a second generation K600 model which gets a big bump to Intel's new A100 processor for XP/Vista and adds T-DMB television while remaining true to its ???800,000 (about $859) price tag. Not bad. Read-on for more pics.

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