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Nokia changes its tune on touchscreens. Entirely.

Nokia changes its tune on touchscreens. Entirely.
Paul Miller
Paul Miller|@futurepaul|June 18, 2007 11:22 AM
In a complete reversal of its "not enthusiastic" stance on touchscreens voiced last week by Antti Vasara, the company's General Manager of Mobile Devices, Nokia has come out in favor of that completely unproven little technology. "Optical sensors and touch will be the next big things," said Nokia Chief Technology Officer Tero Ojanpera today, in the leadup to the CommunicAsia telecom fair. "I believe there will be a lot of innovation around these." Apparently he didn't get the "people don't like touchscreens" memo. And it's really too bad that Nokia's still waiting for demand to pep up before jumping into those scary waters, it'd be a shame to miss out on the "next big thing."
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