iriver W10 revealed on teaser site

We'd probably be more inclined to gripe about iriver stringing us along like this -- five gadgets, five days, hardly any hard facts -- if there wasn't so much sexy to the devices and photographs the DAP manufacturer is tossing up every 24 hours or so. Today's gadget is the iriver W10, a slim little touchscreen number we got to play with at CES, which seems to swipe some of the iPhone's interface ideas for touchscreen VoIP dialing, while still sticking with those WPS (WiFi positioning system) and PDA / e-book / PMP features we heard about before. We wish we had more to tell you, like price or a release date, but two things are certain: iriver seems bent on swiping every gadget dollar we've ever stashed, and is singlehandedly keeping the hand modelling industry in business.