The PlayStation 3 protects our country from the bad men

Colin Torretta
C. Torretta|06.23.07

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The PlayStation 3 protects our country from the bad men
It seems like people are constantly trying to figure out ways to use the PlayStation 3 in esoteric manners. We have Linuxed PS3s, ray-tracing PS3s, cancer curing PS3s and now we have SkyNet PS3s. According to KNDU News, researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are hard at work harnessing the power of the PS3 for national security purposes.

The company is trying to harness the Cell-powered device to develop new video tools that would allow for things like increased facial recognition and automated security camera monitoring. In the article, the researchers mention that a single PS3 has about a quarter of the power as their lab's 8,000 square foot supercomputer. So this should allow them to massively increase their computational power without having to make a similarly massive investment.

I for one welcome our new PlayStation 3 overlords and their all seeing eye. Now if they would just gift us with some games ...

[Via N4G]
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