Turbografx primer part 2: the games

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Turbografx primer part 2: the games

Racketboy's Turbografx-16 coverage continues, and continues to be excellent. We totally feel obligated to cover it, because it's about our favorite underdog VC system.

This time, the focus is on the games that made the system so awesome. And also Keith Courage in Alpha Zones. Categorized by, among other criteria, storage format and by whether each is an arcade port or an original game, this list of "Games that Defined the Turbografx-16" covers a lot of the best games for the system. There's quite a bit of stuff on the list, like Alien Crush and Blazing Lazers, for you to go buy on the VC now, and other stuff like Devil's Crush that will ensure that the VC will be providing us with rich, flavorful content for quite some time.

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