Behold the wonder: God of War mobile isn't bad

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Behold the wonder: God of War mobile isn't bad
When our own reporter came back from the Sony gamer's day and said God of War: Betrayal for the cell phone was good, we feared the poor man had cracked. But now comes word from IGN, which gave the game a 90 that it is, in fact, a good solid game. We may never look at our mobile the same way again.

God of War: Betrayal takes place after Ares' defeat but before the events of God of War II. IGN says the game is a 16-bit "glory days" 2D side-scroller and is a God of War title "through and through." Guess for those who can't wait for God of War: Chains of Olympus on PSP and have a compatible phone, maybe it could be worth checking out this mobile game. We hope this doesn't make us reexamine mobile gaming entirely -- let's call this a one hit wonder for now.
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