Engadget at Digital Experience New York

Evan Blass
E. Blass|06.28.07

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Engadget at Digital Experience New York

Digital Experience is a bi-annual press event wherein dozens of your favorite tech companies corral hundreds of your favorite tech journalists, fill them up with free food and booze, and attempt to squeeze a little more coverage out of already-announced products. The theme for this year's New York show -- held last night at the Metropolitan Pavilion -- was British Invasion, and while we certainly appreciated the Beatles cover band, darts competitions, and of course the Bass- and Boddingtons-serving HP Notebook Pub (pictured above, although we still prefer the Sun beer server), the choice to offer traditional English cuisine was, quite frankly, not that well thought out. Nonetheless, we braved numerous flying darts and sketchy-looking meat pies to photograph a few devices we thought you'd enjoy; click on to check out the highlights...

Reading our favorite site on -- and offering several criticisms of / suggestions for -- the upcoming Palm Foleo.

The SanDisk SSD clan, looking quite handsome in this rare family portrait. It's a good bet that those little ones on the left will grow up to become video iPods one day.

Our top-of-the-line smartphone was practically green with envy as we fondled this lusty Sharp handset from Japan.

GE's Cell Fusion system tethers to your Bluetooth-enabled cellphone, handing the data over to DECT and allowing you to use satellite landline handsets for making cellular calls.

This is the Satellite A215, Toshiba's first notebook to feature an AMD processor; unlike Tosh's other releases this week, there's no HDMI or HD DVD goodness here, but you will be able to snag one for well under a grand.

The temptation to just close our fist, say adios to our career, and run off to Mexico with this little beauty was almost unbearable.

No such temptation existed, however, for HP's ginormous HDX Dragon "notebook," which reportedly had to be delivered to the show floor on a forklift.

That's it folks: hope you had as much fun scoping out the pics as we did collecting even more courtesy thumb drives (we even got one with an LCD display this time!), and we'll see you again for Digital Experience: Vegas at CES 2008.
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