An angelic duet of Heavenly Sword videos

Jem Alexander
J. Alexander|06.29.07

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Jem Alexander
June 29th, 2007
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The above video, captured at the official press event at the Mayfair hotel in London (again, our invitation must have got lost in the mail), may just be enough to get fence-sitters to buy the game. Opening with a cinematic revealing some backstory of the eponymous Heavenly Sword itself, the video then launches in to some frantic in-game combat. Expect bone-crunching combo moves and a bazooka to feature heavily. Yes, a bazooka.

Despite being captured on shaky-cam and then uploaded to YouTube, the video is still able to impress. From the way the barrels move to the explosion partical effects. Another, clearer, video has been uploaded to from the IDEF in Cannes. In it we see a new character talking to Nariko (friend, sibling, lover?) as well as one of those "press the button at the right time to make stuff happen" sequences that are all the rage nowadays. This game is one to watch out for at E3, where no doubt we'll be seeing plenty more of it.

[Via NeoGAF & N4G]
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