Homer says burgers are good for Play and Win

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|06.29.07

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Homer says burgers are good for Play and Win
The Simpsons + yellow Xbox 360 = greatest Play and Win prize ever! Over on Xbox.com they've posted details about two new Play and Win events going down in July involving The Simpsons Movie and McDonalds' Burgercon. First up is the Burgercon Play and Win event which supposedly kicks off today through July 5th although we don't see any way to sign up. What we do know is that you'll have to play Forza 2 and they'll be giving away Microsoft points and 360 HD DVD players. Not too shabby, but not nearly as exciting as The Simpsons Movie Play and Win. This promotion runs from July 2nd through July 17th where you can win the sexy yellow Simpsons Xbox 360 featured to the right. They are giving away five of these yellow wonders and all you have to do to enter is play Cloning Clyde during the promo period for an entry each day. What's also nice about The Simpsons Play and Win is that you can actually sign up right now. How convenient.

Two Play and Win promotions, one involving a yellow 360 and one we can't sign up for yet. No matter, it's fun and it's free, so go play already and win!

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