Analysts say only a fraction of gamers use video playback capabilities

Erik Hanson
E. Hanson|06.30.07

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Analysts say only a fraction of gamers use video playback capabilities
PS3, Xbox 360, and WiiResearch analysts at The Diffusion Group have released an interesting study into the habits and knowledge levels of gamers in relationship to playing back videos, DVDs, and other video content on their consoles. Only 30% of console owners surveyed knew their game boxes were capable of playing back movies or other content, and only 13% were actually using it for that purpose. Read on for more.
On one hand, as enthusiasts we'd love to tear this study to shreds, pointing out that they might not have been interviewing the right people (did they ask people using Dreamcast and Sega Genesis? or just those with 360s and PS3s?), or asking the questions in the right way (did they ask if people were only using the high-def capabilities of their consoles? did they even ask if the consoles were hooked up to HDTVs?) Trying to take a step back from the situation and look objectively makes us realize, as with HDTV display manufacturers, a lot of the fault lies in informing customers about their products. Surveys still point to consumers believing that they simply need hook up a VCR to an HDTV to make it "high def," and this is probably no different.

So do us a favor, evangelize for HD, will ya? Tell a friend about that HD DVD add-on for his Xbox, or show a neighbor how to download some 1080 content from the PSN store. You'll make us all smile in the process.
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