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Medal of Honor: Airborne delayed for PS3

Nick Doerr
Nick Doerr|July 6, 2007 6:00 PM
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, everyone, but it seems those of you waiting for your Medal of Honor: Airborne fix are going to have to wait a bit longer than owners of other consoles. In another cheap move by EA (who we believe more and more to be lazy developers who don't even try to optimize their games for each system ... why won't their sports games be at 60fps on the PS3, but will on the 360? We know the system can handle it, so the fault clearly lies within the developer house), PS3 owners get to wait an extra couple of months.

Due out by the end of August initially, MoH:A has been pushed to a November release. A time where they will have to deal with much more important titles as competition. While no clear reason for this delay was explained, we're pretty sure we know why. We highlighted it above. The PS3 is harder to develop for, so the port from 360 to PS3 is giving them troubling results. Instead of optimizing performance for the PS3 itself, they're trying to debug a faulty, most likely less-impressive, port. We could be wrong. Maybe we get extra content. Tell us your thoughts!

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