Sony Ericsson sees huge profit and unit shipments

Brian White
B. White|07.12.07

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Sony Ericsson sees huge profit and unit shipments
While Motorola continues to languish in profitless prison, competitor Sony Ericsson is awash in sales and profit. The Swedish-Japanese partnership reported larger-than-life jumps in revenue, profit and handset shipments for its most recent quarter. Analysts were once again amazed that the recent performance of the joint partnership could sustain itself, and whaddayaknow -- it has. SE's quarterly revenue for the April-June period stood at $4.3 billion (37 percent jump from a year ago) while unit shipments spiked to almost 25 million for the quarter, a 60 percent life from the 15.7 million shipments from the year-ago quarter. Right now, SE has about 9 percent of the planet's handset market share. Impressive.
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