Hirai says more Sixaxis iterations on the way

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Alexander Sliwinski
July 20th, 2007
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Hirai says more Sixaxis iterations on the way

In an interview with Kikizo, Sony global president Kaz Hirai alludes to future iterations of the Sixaxis controller. Hirai says that they're "obviously looking" at what do do with the Sixaxis now that they've come to an agreement with Immersion. He says they're actually looking at a variety of things they can put into the controller and they'll say something when they're ready to.

Hirai points out about the controller, "I mean, as you know, that's also an evolving peripheral, if you will, in that we started out with the original PS1 controller with no analogue, and it's come all the way to this point, so obviously, as we go forward, it's not the final model for a PS3 controller, so we'll see what comes down the road." It is impressive to think that the same controller, with minor tweaks every few years, has been a staple of the PlayStation going on 15 years. So, when will we finally hear about what's going into the next Sixaxis? There's still plenty of conventions left this year.
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