300 HD DVD & Blu-ray review roundup

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Richard Lawler
July 27th, 2007
300 HD DVD & Blu-ray review roundup
300 is this month's highest profile DVD/Blu-ray/HD DVD Combo release, and it appears reviewers have already found it worthy of the crown. Frank Miller's previous effort Sin City was already well-received in HD with its highly stylized green screened special effects and 300 follows in the same vein. High-Def Digest didn't exactly love the "flat" look of the movie, but found the VC-1 transfer an "accurate representation of the theatrical experience", while IGN couldn't find enough superlatives to describe the video on its way to a 10 of 10 rating. The Blu-ray version includes a PCM soundtrack alongside standard and TrueHD versions, but it didn't seem to add or detract much from a highly rated aural experience. The HD DVD exclusive features include a PiP look at the film in preproduction, as well as an option to edit together favorite scenes and post them online for other fans to download via the player. 300's groundbreaking internet features are also tied to the anchor of Warner's ringtone and other paraphernalia advertisements, but in the end, all rated it a must-buy for your format of choice when released next week.

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