Warner's '300' to sport bonus features on HD DVD, not Blu-ray

Apparently, Warner Home Video has no problem doling out an HD DVD version of 300 that outshines the Blu-ray rendition, as that's exactly what will happen when it launches on July 31st. The $39.99 HD DVD / DVD combo disc will feature a bluescreen picture-in-picture version of the film with "pre-CGI" clips alongside the finished product, an exclusive game titled Vengeance and Valor, web-enabled downloads, and a nifty application that allows you to assemble your favorite clips and "create your own montage." These very features, however, are glaringly absent from the Blu-ray release, which sports a far thinner list of extras for a slightly lower price ($34.99). It's no secret that interactive features on high-definition flicks have been sorely missing on the whole, but giving preferential treatment to one format via on-disc extras is an interesting approach to differentiation.

[Via HighDefDigest]