Halo Covenant plasma rifle has overheat built in

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Alexander Sliwinski
July 28th, 2007
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Halo Covenant plasma rifle has overheat built in
Jasman Toys unveiled at Comic-Con their line of Halo laser tag toys based on the Covenant plasma rifle, pistol and energy sword. Now all we need is a Covenant Elite costume and we'd be all set for Halloween. The guns even come with an "overheat" where the sides pop open to give them just that little extra bit of authenticity. The rifle is $120 and the pistol is $89, they'll be available in October.

These weapons are full-size replicas, not like the mini versions being created by Master Replicas -- but that's probably why they cost between four and eight times more. But we won't deny the joy possibility of playing laser tag with authentic looking Halo weapons.

[Via X3F]
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