Dear diary: Lionhead video diary talks one-button combat

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Christopher Grant
July 31st, 2007
To be honest, we'd really like these Lionhead video diaries a lot more if they found Peter Molyneux under the covers with a flashflight and a video camerea, speaking in hushed whispers, gabbing about how so and so said this or that and, oh yeah, Fable 2's one-button combat is a pretty neat idea. So, we're missing the bedroom confessional aspect but we've still got the whole "one-button combat" thing. Of course, Molyneux's been talking about the concept for some time now, as far back as last August and as recently as, well, Fable 2's E3 showing. Our favorite part: the crazy sword instructor. C'mon Peter, don't you have some juicy gossip about that guy? We'll just use the power of our imaginations:

Dear video diary: Today, we had a sword instructor come into the offices to show us how to handle a sword realistically (Alan was a little upset we didn't consider him, but his "totally sweet" lightsaber skillz don't really count). Nevertheless, this chap was flinging a sword around like some sort of hyperactive Errol Flynn impersonator. To be honest, we quite feared for our safety! It wasn't a few times that the edge of one of his swords ("this is a Cutlass, commonly used by sailors") gently skimmed my sweatervest, shaving off a nearly imperceptible layer of pilling. My grand mum knit me this sweater! Anyways, one-button combat ...
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