Linux-equipped PS3 to be used in DARPA Urban Challenge

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.03.07

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Linux-equipped PS3 to be used in DARPA Urban Challenge
While we're sure a number of you have a Yellow Dog Linux-equipped PS3 around for leisure's sake, Axion Racing is using a similar setup to "manage one of seven autonomous vehicle cameras." The San Diego-based team is reportedly eager to show onlookers "things [other than gaming and Blu-ray playing] that can be done using a PlayStation console," and expects the device to mesh well with its array of Dell computers, SICK laser finders, Bumblebee stereo cameras, and FLIR infrared cameras." Of course, who knows what could happen if a stray android climbs on board and fires up a round of MotorStorm while it's trying to concentrate.
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