Andy Serkis talks mo-cap in Heavenly Sword

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Yeah, we're impressed by the emotion delivered by the motion captured performances in Heavenly Sword. Andy "the guy who played Gollum" Serkis talked about his role as Dramatic Director of the game to CVG. Playing the game's villain meant internalizing a different kind of mentality for the actor: "Well, Bohan was this dictator that created his own moral universe where he was right. Rather than just playing an evil guy, you have to sort of believe in what you're doing - most dictators do. So I've been reading about dictators."

Unfortunately, it appears that Serkis' skill at acting far exceeds his ability to play games.
"I'm pretty hopeless at games," he admits. "I love playing Shadow Of The Colossus, just riding round on my horse looking for colossi. I haven't actually found any yet, though." Andy, one clue to you: look for the moving giant in the distance.

[Thanks, Random1448!]
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