'Vast' memory card promises tool-less PS2 unlocking

One of the main impediments keeping many people from modding their own consoles is their lack of handiness with a soldering gun -- not to mention the whole voided warranty thing -- but now a new product is said to be on the horizon that moots both these points in a single blow, the 'Vast' advanced custom memory card for PlayStation 2. According to MaxConsole, which claims to have a dialog going with the developers, Vast "essentially exploits a flaw in the PS2 memory card system" to give you the same functionality derived from a hard-wired mod chip sans the need for a single power tool. The only real "proof" we have of this product so far is the above screenshot, which MaxConsole tells us was captured from the card's proprietary operating system; if this is all on the level, we should know more before the scheduled launch, which is said to be a mere two weeks away.