Deca Sporta isn't all about fun in the sun

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|09.07.07

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Deca Sporta isn't all about fun in the sun

So far, with the exception of basketball, everything we've seen from Hudson Soft's Deca Sporta is meant to be played outdoors under the glow of the summer sun. That's not all there is to the game, however -- the latest updates have revealed the colder side of the minigame collection. In both a recent Shonen Jump and official shots from the developer, they've revealed curling, figure skating, and snowboard cross, bringing the total of known games up to the magic number: ten!

Things are looking good graphically, there's a wide range of games included, and Deca Sporta is set to debut in Japan this December. The only thing left we could ask for is a release date outside Japan -- and we hope to hear about that soon.

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