Reader UI of the Week: Luminesce

Krystalle Voecks
K. Voecks|09.25.07

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This week we have a really lovely Reader UI for you all! This was sent in by Luminesce, level 57 Blood Elf Mage of Chaos Incarnate from the Arygos server. As I'm fond of letting folks speak for themselves, let's jump straight into this week's Reader UI note!

Hey WoW Insider! I decided to send in mine. It doesn't have any high level stuff like Deadly Boss Mods or CT Raid because my main is only 57. A lot of my UI can be "closed" for times when I am just hangin' out in the cities (mostly my combat mods). Nothing special about my resolution. The standard 1280x1024 on my 19" monitor.

That said, for a full listing of the mods Luminesce used in this pretty cool UI, join us after the jump!

It's a long list but a lot of them are small.
  • Align - With a simple /align a grid pops up on the screen allowing you to... well, align things.
  • Aloft - This is for the nameplates above your enemies/friends. Very customizable.
  • Bagnon - A lot of you know what this one is. It just puts all your bags into one box and all your bank bags into one box.
  • Bongos2 - This is a must for me. A lot of my mods are for minor aesthetic changes but I *need* my bars where they are.
  • Capping - A simple BG addon that times all AV and AB flags. It lets you tell the times with a [Shift - Left Click] for Say or a [Ctrl - Left Click] to put it in the BG channel. It also tracks who has the flag for both sides.
  • Cartographer - This is another must for me. I can't do without those waypoints (arrows) when I am questing. I use the instance maps a lot and like the foglight addition.
  • ChatMOD - This adds a time stamp to all things said and colors the names of people in it's database by class. Lets you scroll with the middle button on your mouse.
  • ClearFont - All it does is change your font (obviously). Just for looks.
  • Cryolysis - Saves a lot of bar space. Has a Portal Menu, Spell Menu, item count and restock (runes), as well as food and water buttons.
  • CT Buff - The buff bars in the upper right corner.
  • CT Expense History - Keeps track of what characters have the most and spend the most.
  • CT Mail - Mass mail and open all.
  • Double Wide - Cool quest log. Has quest list on left panel and puts the quest description on a new right panel.
  • eCastingBar - I am sure there are other casting bar mods out there but I like this one. Moveable, textures, spell icon, size.
  • FuBar - This is my big one. Adds two semi-transparent (changeable) bars to the top and bottom to keep a hold of all Ace2 addons (get 'em off the map) and simple info.
  • BagFu - Counts slots filled/total.
  • BattlegroundFu - Has timers of it's own for AV/AB but as far as I know you can't put them into chat. Queue time 5:00/12:00 (something like that).
  • BongosFu - Lets you access a lot of the bongos menu from the tiny button on the bar.
  • ClockFu - Local or Server time.
  • DurabilityFu - Shows lowest durability thing on the bar and total cost of full repair on mouse-over.
  • ExperienceFu - Shows level percentage and rested (if any).
  • FactionsFu - Shows all reputations at mouse-over.
  • GuildFu - Shows all guildies on, level, note, class colored name on mouse-over.
  • HonorFu - Tracks honor and overall BG score (wins-loses) on mouse-over.
  • KungFu - Shows all skills (weapons, professions, etc.) on mouse-over.
  • LocationFu - Shows current location on the bar. On mouse-over, shows all zones and instances that are level appropriate. You can then click on the zone/instance to go to it in map.
  • MailFu - You can take the mail icon off your map. Lights green if you have mail and lights red if you get something from the AH. You need to be logged on for the AH part, otherwise it will be green when you log on.
  • MicroMenuFu - Just like it sounds. All the menu buttons in a very compact space.
  • MoneyFu - Shows money gains, losses, total server money, and your current money.
  • RecountFu - A cool damage meter addon. This lets you access much of the menu from the Fubar.
  • ToFu - Flight path times recorded. Counts down if already flown there.
That's a lot of Fu's!

  • LightHeaded - A very cool addon that has all the comments from Wowhead. Works very nicely with DoubleWide or just fine with the normal quest log.
  • MetaHud - The bars around my character. Lots of other HUD's but I like this one for the looks.
  • MobInfo - Tracks kills of a mob, health, average worth of loot, and Kills to Level. All the info goes away when logged out (pretty sure).
  • Omen - Threat Meter, better than KTM in my opinion. If other party members are using KTM, Omen can still read it.
  • PitBull - Unit frames of awesomeness. Super customizable. Looks nice. My last of 3 "Must Haves". Very difficult to pick up for a beginner of the mod world.
  • Recount - This is the cool damage meter addon I mentioned in the "Fu List". It works very well in parties and raids. It also tracks how much damage each spell of yours is doing.
  • SellOMatic - Very simple. Sells all your grays in one click and tells you what you made.
  • Shared Media & Shared Media Lib - Adds a whole lot of new textures and fonts to all Ace2 addons.
  • simpleMinimap - Different skins, hideable buttons, nice and simple.
  • SphereLoader - Checks what class you are logging into and loads the right circle such and Cryolisis for my Mage and Venantes for my Hunter.
  • SunnArt - This is the big bar at the bottom of my screen. It is a viewport, you can put it on all sides but I just put it on the bottom.
  • SunnArtPack 2-4 - Adds different skins to the viewport.
  • SuperInspect - Nifty inspect window that stores all the people you view until you log out.
  • Venantes - Just like the Mage's Cryolisis, however I have it set up to show pets happiness and Ammo (Not Pictured).
  • WIM - WoW Instant Messenger. Kinda obvious. Whenever someone whispers you, a box pops up and stores the conversations you have with people.
  • XLoot - Basically just a reskin of the WoW loot window. I used to use it for the Open on Mouse feature but now the default UI has that. So now, to me, it is just an aesthetic thing again.

The reason for my configuration is I like my screen space and I want as much as possible. As far as piling all my buttons into the bottom left corner, I find it easier to move my mouse that direction than any other. I am right handed though. Try it, you'll see. ; )

Some of these mods are ones I'd never heard of before. Obviously there are the more common ones that we see mentioned weekly like Omen and PitBull and some of the CT Mods, but SunnArt and Align are new to me. I can see where both would be quite useful and nice to have, though. (As an aside, sorry to have had to blur a huge chunk of the first image, but it had a spammer in it.)

If you'd like to show off your UI, be sure to drop me a nice listing of all the details along with some screen shots to Any and all levels welcome, no screen too large or small!
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