Canon's 12-megapixel SD950 IS review roundup

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.01.07

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Canon's 12-megapixel SD950 IS review roundup
You've had a moment to ponder over that SD870 purchase, so how's about yet another option, cool? On the docket today is Canon's SD950 IS (IXUS 960 IS elsewhere in the world), which packs an awful lot of megapixels into a pocket-friendly shell. As expected from Canon's SD lineup, this one fared pretty well throughout, garnering praise for its sleek design, superb image quality, effective optical image stabilization / face detection and sturdy feel. The only real knocks came from the less-than-perfect noise performance, slower than expected startup / image capture and the admittedly lofty pricetag. Granted, this one should be close to ideal for poster printers needing a camera minuscule enough to reside in a rear pocket, but for the rest of us, one of Canon's "lower" models should fit the bill (and our budgets) a bit better.

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