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More mount mayhem

Amanda Rivera
Amanda Rivera|October 9, 2007 6:30 PM

We have a couple cool mounts coming to us in the very near future, but as with many cool things in life, there's a catch. You can't have your cake and eat it too it seems, even in Azeroth.

As David mentioned a few days ago, we will get the chance to purchase an epic Hippogryph flying mount when Patch 2.3 err, lands. But Bornakk has let us know that this baby won't be as easy to get as the Skyguard nether ray mount for instance. When asked about the mounts that will be added into the game when Wrath launches, he had this to say:

We do plan to continue adding new mounts to the game, but we aren't ready to go into details on Wrath of the Lich King specific mounts yet. Keep in mind we are adding the Hippogryph mount as a Cenarion Expedition purchasable item in patch 2.3 along with the Engineering only flying mount...The Cenarion Expedition Hippogryph mount is a 280% epic flying mount that requires exalted status and will cost 2000 gold

That's right, the CE mount will cost you two large. If you are feeling the need to ride the wind astride a Hippogryph, better start saving your pennies (coppers?) now.

In other mount news, there's been a clarification on the Broom Mount that will be dropped by the Headless Horseman as part of the Hallow's End event. Originally we saw images that showed it as a single-use item, but we have now been told that this is not the case.

Drysc says that the mount will still be a limited-time item, but will have a 14-day duration. This is great news, although I would have loved to have a permanent broom mount for my Warlock. Who knows, maybe they will add it in at a later date now that they have the model created. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

It looks like we are also getting more information about the engineering flying mount. First engineers will be required to create a non-epic flying mount. Mats for the creation of the epic mount will cost around 500g and won't require any primal nethers or vortices. Evidently it's a pretty slick item, as Drysc says:

I wish I had an engineer after getting to see it. Hands down, in my opinion, the best flying mount in the game.

It looks like I will be getting back into engineering after all.